Artistry in Distortion

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Artistry in Distortion

The realm of distorted reality, twisted imagery, and the hidden depths of sensation often beckon artists in their existential quest for truth, as it seems even more elusive in the world as we know it. Artists, across diverse mediums and genres, encode their emotions and ideas into forms that resemble reality yet are profoundly reimagined and reshaped by the contours of their imagination. The deeper artists invite us into their "distorted" worlds, the more intriguing our observation becomes. In this article, we spotlight four contemporary artists, each representing a distinct facet of the art of distortion.

Contemporary art

Ekaterina Rumiantseva's "Igor/Rogl"

The enthralling creation "Igor/Rogl" by interdisciplinary artist Ekaterina Rumiantseva reflects the captivating currents of contemporary textile art. The central figure of her work, Igor, or more precisely, his knitted portrait, metamorphoses into Rogl when observed from its reverse side. On the verso, a discernible pattern emerges, yet the face remains tantalizingly blurred—a bewitching mirroring accomplished through the medium of knitting. Threads chaotically protrude from Rogl's visage, rendering his features barely discernible. Rumiantseva seems to peer into the essence of the modern individual and, with crochet as her instrument, unveils their anxieties and quandaries—has one lost their true self amidst the whirlwind of a rapidly changing and demanding world? Has one's identity dissolved, relinquishing all needs and desires? Even in Igor, the facial features appear obscured in shadow, intensifying the sense of existential loss. 

Rumiantseva's work encourages introspection, prompting us to question the clarity and distinctiveness of our own faces, contemplating whether we have concealed our true selves, permitting societal pressures to blur our individuality. Rumiantseva is no stranger to crafting profound and provocative artistic statements, exploring the "upside-down" world. Her black-and-white series dedicated to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll offers a fresh perspective on the timeless tale and its relevance in our contemporary reality, where illusion and absurdity seemingly hold sway over the individual's world.

Ekaterina Rumiantseva "Igor/rogI", 2023 Cotton, hook 30x40cm

Aleksandr Predko's "Emotional series"

When overpowering emotions grip us, it feels as though our bodies are transported to an alternate, distorted dimension. Video artist Aleksandr Predko delves into the transformations experienced by individuals through minimalist video art. The contrast is astonishing; at first glance, a simple succession of frames coalesces into a brief yet riveting narrative. Predko's videos resemble flashes of images that seamlessly meld into a coherent story, delving into the most basic facet of life—emotional experience. The series that Predko is meticulously crafting encompasses "confidence," "curiosity," "happiness," "loneliness," "grief," and "anger." 

Aleksandr Predko Frame from video artwork "loneliness", 2022

"I embarked on this video art series during a period of intense upheaval in my life. I confronted emotions I had previously only read about or seen in cinematic portrayals. Under the sway of these feelings, my body underwent a transformation, making it a challenging vessel to inhabit. Through the lens of my camera, I endeavored to release these emotions via the chaotic frames mirroring my state of mind." Artistic videos have become Predko's form of catharsis, and he continues to refine his series, utilizing it as a canvas to reflect not solely his own intense emotions but to involve individuals who possess potent emotional energy and intrigue him. In his videos "confidence" and "loneliness," for instance, he introduces young women to embody these emotions.

Aleksandr Predko Frame from video artwork "anger", 2022

 "My work seeks to underscore that the full spectrum of human emotions is either steeped in melancholy or born from an inner struggle with desolation and yearning." This is a disquieting notion, yet it is fascinating to witness how Predko will further evolve his project and the revelations it will unveil.

Nurbahar Kiran's "Abandoned Paradise"

Nurbahar Kiran, a photographer hailing from Istanbul, delves into a realm seldom witnessed by many. She captures the essence of life in the abandoned: inaccessible derelict structures, forgotten film sets, forsaken prisons, and remote villages. In her composition "Abandoned Paradise," we are offered a glimpse into a world ensconced within the ruins of time. It proves challenging to discern the original purpose of the decrepit space. Amidst the breathtaking vista of palm trees, sea, and lush coastline basking in sunlight, we find ourselves ensconced within a dilapidated edifice. These aged walls and scattered remnants serve as poignant reminders of the unnoticed facet of reality—a past left to erode under the relentless passage of time. Kiran's philosophically charged, predominantly black-and-white photographs divert our attention to the flip side of life—an aspect less conspicuous amidst the hustle and bustle of existence, yet profoundly significant.

Nurbahar Kiran "Abandoned Paradise" digital photography, 2023

Evgenia Vinogradova's "Sacrifice"

The surrealist canvases of artist Evgenia Vinogradova unveil vistas inhabited by individuals grappling with their dependencies. Her paintings transport us to whimsical realms brimming with vivid hues and disquieting imagery. "Irrespective of the nature of one's dependency—be it physical or emotional—it distorts perception, causing the individual to perceive the world through a distorted lens, akin to peering into a funhouse mirror." In "Sacrifice," the protagonist proffers her vividly crimson, bloodless heart to the all-encompassing darkness, revealing an abyss within her chest. Vinogradova has masterfully created a potent symbol of human dependency—an exposed, bare, and bloodless figure, humbly presenting their most cherished possession: their heart. This audacious artistic proclamation, while far from gloomy or despondent, employs Vinogradova's vibrant palette and almost animated imagery to address the issue without moralizing, encapsulating emotions in their purest form, devoid of judgment. Simultaneously, her work resonates instantaneously, beckoning introspection. The theme of a world turned inside out will persistently manifest in the works of contemporary artists. Observing the talents of creators across diverse artistic realms as they bare their souls through their art will only become increasingly enthralling.
Evgenia Vinogradova “Mefisto” Acrylic 2023

Text: Alice Gill