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New Erotic Photography (Bibliotheca Universalis)

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In 2007 TASCHEN released The New Erotic Photography, followed in 2012 by The New Erotic Photography 2. Each book featured hundreds of fresh and provocative images from the world’s most intriguing erotic talents. Now the best of both books is available in The New Erotic Photography, featuring 62 photographers from 10 countries, exploring the global variations of erotic photography, as well as the evolution of photographic media over the last decade. We see film give way to digital, while those who persist with film are as likely to use Polaroids and primitive cameras like the Lomo and Holga as traditional SLRs. The featured photographers include new names Gregory Bojorquez, Jo Schwab, Tomohide Ikeya, Frйdйric Fontenoy, Andrew Pashis, and Jan Hronsky, as well as established artists Guido Argentini, Bruno Bisang, Eric Kroll, and the late Bob Carlos Clarke. Several outstanding women are also featured in this edition, including erotic film star Kimberly Kane, digital pioneer Natacha Merritt, heavy metal skateboarder Magdalena Wosinska, self-portraitist Jody Frost, and cover artist April-lea Hutchinson. It all adds up to an awful lot of nudes for a tantalizingly low price.

Обложка/Формат: Hardback 

Вес: 1.354 кг. 

Язык: English 

Размер: 202 x 153 x 47

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