"THE PRESIDENT AT AN IN-BETWEEN STAGE": Redefining Reality at Hillside Terrace

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"THE PRESIDENT AT AN IN-BETWEEN STAGE": Redefining Reality at Hillside Terrace

At the cutting edge of art and politics, "THE PRESIDENT AT AN IN-BETWEEN STAGE" presents a bold foray into the fluidity of presidential representation in an era of post-truth. The exhibition, held at Hillside Terrace, eschews conventional definitions and challenges the authenticity of reproduction through the transformative lens of post-structuralism and digital simulations.

Contemporary art

Curated by the insightful JUNG-AI CHU, whose notable curatorial experiences include groundbreaking exhibitions such as "Taiwan Contemporary New Landscape Photography" and "Visualizing the City Makoto Lin X Taipei 101," this exhibit is another feather in her cap. CHU’s curatorial approach deftly weaves the political with the personal, casting a light on the multiple facets of the presidential image. Her adept handling of the exhibition narrative, through a selection of poignant photographs and videos, invites viewers to ponder the complexities of leadership and media representation.

The exhibition presents a triptych of mediums: Photograph, Documentation, and Theatre. It reimagines the theatre of politics by documenting key moments involving the president, thus presenting a multifaceted narrative that oscillates between the real and the constructed. The 'Documentation Theatre' concept rewrites and rebuilds presidential narratives by piecing together a tapestry of events that highlight President Tsai Ing-Wen's multifarious roles within Taiwanese history and politics.

JUNG-AI CHU's curatorial mastery shines through in her ability to elevate the exhibition from a series of fine art photography into a exhibition with storyline and the ability to provoke critical thinking. She transforms it into a dialogue that transcends historical, societal, and political boundaries. The unique lighting and staging of the exhibition create an immersive experience, blurring the lines between reality and fabrication and inviting viewers to step into an interactive live show where the script is unwritten, and the stage is everywhere.

The exhibition's background is as compelling as its content. The chief photographer for Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen offers an intimate portrayal of the leader through large-scale installations made with photographs and videos, capturing moments that range from the mundane to the monumental. JUNG-AI CHU's contribution to the exhibition is pivotal, evoking, thereby enriching the viewer’s understanding of the complex interplay between public figure and personal identity.

In "THE PRESIDENT AT AN IN-BETWEEN STAGE," the dichotomy between president and citizen is not merely questioned but redefined. The exhibition posits that both are multifaceted, entangled entities, and it is through this lens that visitors are encouraged to examine their own roles within the fabric of society. The exhibition is a testament to the notion that every possibility is like a string of fine silk—delicate yet strong, capable of binding together multiple narratives to find a semblance of equilibrium.


Derya Ocean