Unconventional Melodies: The Inspiring Journeys of Maxim Orekhov and Roman Skuratovich

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Unconventional Melodies: The Inspiring Journeys of Maxim Orekhov and Roman Skuratovich

Maxim Orekhov and Roman Skuratovich defy the traditional paths to musical success. Skuratovich, after pursuing a law degree, found his calling in music production, becoming a prominent cheer music producer. On the other hand, Orekhov, with a diverse musical background, masters multiple instruments and genres, captivating audiences with his soulful vocals and innovative compositions. Both musicians are set to release new material in 2024, promising continued creativity and innovation in the music industry.

Music often comes from the most unexpected of places. While conventional wisdom dictates that musicians must follow a predetermined path—attending music school, studying jazz or classical courses in conservatories or universities—there are those who find their calling later in life. Maxim Orekhov and Roman Skuratovich are examples of individuals whose passion for music ignited at a later stage in their careers. Forsaking diplomas and leaving behind conventional professions, they embarked on a journey to pursue their dreams in the realm of music. Their stories serve as powerful reminders that the pursuit of passion knows no age limits, and that sometimes, the most extraordinary melodies arise from the most unlikely of origins.

Roman Skuratovich

Roman Skuratovich's journey into the world of music is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. Despite receiving classical piano training in his formative years, Skuratovich pursued a law degree, only to find his true calling in music in his mid-20s. In 2016, Skuratovich began creating tracks for dance groups, igniting a rapid ascent in the music scene. By 2017, his burgeoning career demanded his full attention, prompting him to leave behind coaching and fully immerse himself in music. Since then, he has dedicated himself to crafting and mixing tracks for a diverse range of dance groups, festivals, sports events, and competitions. Since 2020, Skuratovich has served as the head music producer at Got Cheer Music, a company specializing in creating musical compositions for cheerleading teams and various sports events. Incorporating music production with DJ-ing and loop station mixing, Skuratovich's repertoire showcases his versatility and creativity. Tracks like "Team Korea," "Dance City Jr Pom Team," and "Avantgard Dp #4" demonstrate his skillful blending of popular compositions with additional instrumental layers, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that captures the essence of cheerleading and sports games. Skuratovich's impact extends far beyond borders, having created over 1000 tracks for teams from around the globe, including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, most EU countries, Australia, USA, New Zealand, South Korea, and Israel. His compositions have propelled teams to victory at numerous national and international competitions, solidifying his reputation as a leading cheer music producer in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Maxim Orekhov

Maxim Orekhov, on the other hand, emerges as a virtuoso, captivating audiences from the enchanting streets of St. Petersburg to the pulsating alleys of Vilnius. Operating under the stage-name "Rock-Depo," Orekhov commands the music industry, having musical talents both as a solo act and as the charismatic frontman of the genre-defying collective, "EverS." Born amidst the cultural vibrancy of Saint Petersburg on June 23, 1989, Orekhov's musical journey commenced with folk instruments, notably the bass balalaika. Yet, driven by an insatiable appetite for diverse sounds, he swiftly mastered the guitar, bass guitar, piano, accordion, and drums independently. Despite initial forays into Belarusian philology, Orekhov's heart remained tethered to the world of music. Briefly venturing into music education in Lithuania, his journey took a turn towards performance and music publishing in 2020. Today, Orekhov calls Vilnius the foundation for his creative development, where he also continues to push the boundaries of music with his eclectic sound. Orekhov effortlessly explores various genres with his rhythmic drumming and soulful vocals, ranging from the raw energy of Eastern European rock to the smooth melodies of jazz and neo-soul, and the dynamic beats of electronic music. His music is also characterized by unconventional harmonies and deep lyrics. 

Orekhov's creativity extends beyond music production, as he finds joy in jam sessions and street music festivals, embracing improvisation as a vital part of his artistic expression. "North West Instrumental" stands as a shining testament to Maxim Orekhov's boundary-pushing creativity, seamlessly blending neo-jazz and electronic elements into a captivating fusion composition. While devoid of lyrics, Orekhov's masterful touch on harmonies, intricate guitar patterns, and innovative chord structures drive the piece forward with an authenticity that speaks volumes. 

Both musicians are currently working on a variety of new material that they plan to release in 2024. Stay tuned and follow them on their social media to be the first one to hear.


Max Viner, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Music Critic