Innovative Architectural Solution by Gaiane Vartanian: Transforming Building Facades with Decorative Scrims

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Innovative Architectural Solution by Gaiane Vartanian: Transforming Building Facades with Decorative Scrims

In the world of architecture, innovation often takes shape in unexpected ways. One such innovative project comes from the visionary architect Gaiane Vartanian, who has reimagined building facades using decorative scrims. Her groundbreaking concept not only adds aesthetic value but also addresses a crucial issue – protecting interiors from excessive sunlight and overheating. Let's delve into this remarkable project that promises to redefine the way we perceive building exteriors.

Photo by Olga Pegova

Decorative Scrims - A New Perspective on Building Facades

At the heart of Gaiane Vartanian's project lies the use of banner mesh, a versatile material with protective and decorative functions. This canvas, made from PVC mesh (polyvinyl chloride), serves as an ideal medium for printing intricate designs and images, effectively transforming an ordinary facade into a work of art.

Functional Excellence

The key features of banner mesh include its perforated structure, strength, durability, lightness, softness, breathability, dust resistance, ease of customization, and wind resistance. These attributes make it an ideal choice for the creation of decorative scrims that can enhance a building's aesthetic while serving a practical purpose.

Addressing Solar Overheating

Vartanian's project addresses the issue of solar overheating, a common problem in buildings with sun-exposed facades. Her innovative approach not only prevents excessive sunlight from entering the interiors but also offers an energy-efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning.

"Analyzing the lighting in the apartment, I noticed that the sun enters from 11 in the morning until sunset. On hot and sunny days, it's necessary to use the air conditioner not only during the summer, which is quite uneconomical" - notes Gaiane

Location Matters

The project is situated in Moscow, at Volgogradsky Prospect 16, where Vartanian resided. Her apartment's windows face south-west, receiving direct sunlight from 11 am until sunset. This continuous exposure to the sun makes interior spaces uncomfortably hot, particularly during the summer months.

An Artistic Solution to Sunlight Control

Drawing from pieces of banner mesh collected from different sources, Vartanian proposes a new facade design that functions as a shield against excessive sunlight and overheating. Her approach recognizes that external protection is significantly more effective than internal curtains because it prevents the glass from heating up the interior space.

Innovative Installation

Vartanian's design involves installing a cornice made of pipes used for scaffolding along the facade. Anchor bolts with hooks are placed on the left and right sides of each window. The banner mesh is carefully cut to allow for expansion and is affixed to the pipe with eyelets, both from above and partly from the bottom. This setup enables residents to adjust the "curtains" as needed by simply reaching out of the window and hooking the fabric onto the holder.

"The mesh is fixed to the pipe from above and below using grommets. Thus, the inhabitant of the house can, if necessary, shield themselves from the sun or spread the "curtains" by reaching out of the window and hooking the fabric onto the hook"

Aesthetic & Functional Transformation

The result is a visually striking transformation of the building's facade. The banner mesh, with its printed images of the house's elements, adds a layer of artistic expression to the architecture. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this innovative solution demonstrates the potential of architectural creativity in addressing real-world challenges. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design can enhance both the form and function of our built environment, making our living spaces more comfortable and visually captivating. 

Images provided by the architect.

December 2021