Anasteisha Swan’s world of feelings

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Anasteisha Swan’s world of feelings

Anasteisha Swan started performing at an early age and pursued her music career in the 2010s. Since then, she has received critical acclaim and rose to prominence with her song "I feel." The music video for the song was created in 2022, and after that, she won the Debut of the Year award.

Contemporary art

Anasteisha is a Russian singer-songwriter known for her original musical style and introspective songwriting. Raised in Moscow, Anasteisha Swan expressed interest in performing in her early teens. She appeared on the scene for the first time in the 2010s.

As a teenager, she learned to play the piano and sing and also developed a deep interest in the visual arts. Her first steps were supported with the help of her aunt, who taught her to sing. She also used to try herself in acting and modelling. Besides searching for herself and trying various professions like medicine or economics, she has always been attached to music since she was a child. At the same time, her parents were not happy with her choice of being an artist: "It was not easy to prove that what I do matters," she says.

For Swan, her feelings and personal story have always been the main sources of inspiration. Her music spans multiple genres, and her narrative songwriting is often inspired by her life. As her approach is deeply intimate, the biggest impetus to create music was love. After numerous projects, Swan found critical and commercial success. And in 2023, she became the winner of the Debut of the Year award. 

Drawing inspiration from various genres like pop, rock, and electronic, her song "I feel" (2022) was well received by the critics. Sometimes she likes to move to synth-pop with an electronic sound. Her other singles are full of elements of rock, embracing urban and retro styles. 

Swan’s poetic touch on her personal experiences opens to us the world of feelings. The original manner of Anasteisha's performance gives us an understanding of what it is to be a young woman nowadays. Anasteisha Swan explores the themes of tragic romance and melancholy in her songs in a way that will not leave you indifferent.

by Sherri Lourd