The Sonic Odyssey of Prvznst's "The First Counter"

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The Sonic Odyssey of Prvznst's "The First Counter"

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of St. Petersburg, Prvznst, a band with a vision, has arrived with their debut project, "The First Counter." This musical endeavor, now available on Spotify, showcases the band's raw energy and unapologetic approach to rock. Let's dive into the soundscape they've created.

Contemporary art

Lev Shteinberg, a gifted Audio Engineer, brought his extensive knowledge and artistry to bear on Prvznst's debut project. Drawing from extensive experience in record production, mixing, mastering, and live sound engineering, Lev is well-versed in sculpting exquisite audio landscapes spanning a diverse range of genres, from rock to indie, hip-hop, and electronic music.

Prvznst's journey began with Lev Shteinberg's keen oversight of the production, recording, and mixing of their inaugural tracks. Collaborating closely with Vlad, one of the band's frontmen, Lev lent his expertise to shape the very essence of their sound. Vlad, a longstanding collaborator and friend, took charge of refining and perfecting Lev's mixes. It was a match made in audio heaven.​

Galernaya 20 Label, ever vigilant in its mission to nurture burgeoning talent, took charge of releasing and promoting Prvznst's sonic offspring. Their combined efforts allowed the band to unleash their creation upon the world.

"The First Counter" is an encapsulation of the band's mastery of the rock genre. With their raw and energetic performances, Prvznst manages to capture the essence of rock music's rebellious spirit. The edgy guitar riffs and thundering drumbeats, coupled with the unapologetic use of autotune, create a refreshing and forward-thinking take on the genre. 

 "The First Counter" has been available on Spotify since August 2022.

Author: Derya Ocean