The Layers of Art and Theater at Demidova Fest 2020

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The Layers of Art and Theater at Demidova Fest 2020

In the heart of Russia's vibrant cultural scene, the XV Anniversary Festival "Territory" collaborates with GROUND Solyanka Gallery-Workshop, AST Publishing, and the intellectual club "418" to celebrate the illustrious career of Alla Demidova. This year's highlight, the "Demidova Fest 2020", offers a profound exploration of Demidova's six-decade-long influence in theater and film, featuring a series of events and installations that delve into her artistic legacy.

Contemporary art

Alla Demidova, known for her dynamic and daring performances, has worked with some of the most prominent directors and artists, constantly pushing the boundaries of theatrical expression. The festival is divided into two parts: an expansive exhibition and a variety of events including plays, book presentations, and discussions. This multidimensional approach aims not only to honor Demidova's artistic methods but also to contextualize her role within the broader narrative of Russian art history.

Among the festival's highlights is the immersive installation "Demidova. Voice" by Ksenia Lanikina. Situated in the right wing of the GROUND Solyanka, this installation serves as a testament to the innovative spirit of the festival. Lanikina uses a unique blend of light and sound to create a total sensory environment, described as Anti-Theatre for its rejection of traditional dramaturgy. The installation features audio clips from various plays that starred Demidova, including works directed by Kirill Serebrennikov and Anatoly Vasiliev, turning the space into a living archive of her performances. This audacious installation not only captures the essence of Demidova's vocal power but also showcases Lanikina's ability to merge different artistic disciplines into a cohesive narrative experience.

"Demidova. Voice" stands as a powerful example of how contemporary artists interpret and translate the storied past of theatrical giants into new, engaging formats. Through this installation, attendees are invited to experience the resonance of Demidova's artistry, encouraging a deeper connection with the roots of Russian theater and its evolution.

Demidova Fest 2020 is a celebration of past, present, and future, highlighting the timeless impact of Alla Demidova on the arts and providing a platform for new interpretations and discussions. As festival goers traverse through exhibitions like Lanikina's, they are reminded of the continuous dialogue between generations of artists and the enduring power of performance to provoke, inspire, and transform.

Victoria Dini, art critic and artist